Staffing is a quick, easy, and flexible way for a company to fill a personnel gap with as little administrative work as possible.

Agentor has years of experience from offering agency labour, and at this very moment, ‘Agentors’ work in several different companies either on open-ended employment contracts or as seasonal workers, balancing peaks in demand. Some of our agency workers eventually become employees in our client companies and find permanent jobs this way. Contact us and we will map out how staffing best can serve your company’s needs.

Staffing principles in a nutshell:

The employing company is Agentor’s client. The hired labour is available by order, according to contract.

The employment relationship is entered between Agentor and the employee. Agentor takes care of employer responsibilities, salary payments, pension payments, insurances, sick pay, and occupational health.

The employing company is responsible for supervision and orientation.

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There are several stages to staffing, of which none should be overlooked. Contact us and we will take care of the process for you.