While headhunting is becoming more popular, the most common way to find new employees is still through job announcements. The process is a familiar one: you describe the position, share the job posting in chosen channels, interview the best candidates, send a few for tests, and choose the person best suited for the job.

Traditional recruitment is convenient, particularly when people with various profiles can apply for the job, and when you are sure the job will attract plenty of applicants. Agentor allows managers to focus on the essentials in the recruitment process and frees up company time for core activities. Professional recruitment ensures, that the job description attracts the right applicants, that information about the position reaches industry talent, and that the company is able to make a well-founded choice between applicants. A well-managed recruitment process also has the ability to strengthen the company’s employer image.

Agentor’s recruitment process:

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There are several stages to a recruitment process, of which none should be overlooked. Contact us and we will take care of the process for you.